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Here at Muslim WOMEN STUDIES  we hope to set up a stimulating, informative, thoughtful and thought-provoking forum that could contribute to an emerging cyber-academy on the eve of the twenty first century. We take Islamic sources and 'Women in Islam ' for our general field of inquiry and springboard for addressing more general issues and fundaments relating to women, gender, and modernity in a changing world. We look beyond the conventional concerns with Women in Islam - at the sources, the legacy, the history, and the contemporary Muslim World - to the foundations and assumptions that inform those inquiries and shape the relevant discourses. In doing so, we hope to enrich and ennoble a field of study as we reorient it to a higher plane of values and redefine its boundaries in the light of fresh approaches and new questions. The Forum in Muslim WOMEN STUDIES thus seeks to evolve unique and distinctive perspectives that can be applied to rethinking the Women Question in the modern world whether at an institutional, policy-making level, or in intellectual and socio-cultural terms. Notwithstanding our theoretical orientation, we hope to remain accessible to a broad audience .

The varied themes included in this site should appeal to students of history, anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, comparative religion and civilization. It is a challenge particularly for those of us doing Women's Studies to try and understand perspectives coming from a world religion and a civilizational experience that have much that is of value and relevance to offer. Before the wealth and promise can be unearthed and rediscovered, extended,  re-imagined, and articulated,   it will be necessary to clear up some of the prevailing misconceptions and distortions that impair the vision and obscure a field.

Clearing the horizons only takes up a limited spectrum of our vision, and our mission... What we hope to do goes beyond dabbling in controversial waters, or fending off a sacred turf. There is much, much more in the way of constructive and creative initiatives to engage: and this involves a good deal of 'deconstruction' - or, reflection and criticism,  along the way. Our motto on this journey of discovery and 'reconstruction' will be: 'Enter Houses by their Doors...'. 




If you want to learn something about a subject, go to the source and find out... but you need to know how to access these sources.  And who can be a better companion and guide on the way  than those who have experienced that universe from within and those who have bared their souls to the reflexivity of the Mind? A Mind, we may add, that is not its own or sole arbiter, but one that is illumined by the guidance that comes with revealed knowledge.

If  you share our interests and passions, then please read on.  We have already made a few selections from our 'granary' to give you an idea of what's in store.  Meanwhile  we work on further developing our site.  Remember to come back and check with us from time to time and share our thoughts as we grow.  Ours is an open invitation.   Once again,   welcome on board!


   Muslim Women Studies is a Growing Venture!!!





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